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My name is Paul Matthew Morgan and I am a trial attorney. I go and fight for my clients everyday in courthouses all over Texas. As a member of multiple trial advocacy groups, I have dedicated my practice to trial litigation, both civil and criminal.

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Understanding Texas Criminal Cases

The State of Texas is a fierce enemy to fight in the court of law. While it does from time to time collect the guilty and justly prosecute them for their sins, innocent Houstonians and other Texans are often processed as criminals for reasons that lack any merit – on a normal basis.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston, I have fought overzealous prosecutors, crooked cops, and lying witnesses. I have taken on cases where these three things have converged together, and still succeeded on behalf of my clients.

When the stakes are high, I do not let the prosecution walk all over my clients. If you need to talk with a serious lawyer that’s dedicated to defending the accused, who won’t take shortcuts with your case, I’m here for you.

To reach my office, call me at 713-969-5007 or visit my contact page to send me a written message using the contact form.

Criminal Justice Trials

I spare no effort defending my clients.

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Work With A Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer

Please see my AVVO profile to review some endorsements I’ve received from other experienced attorneys and some of the answers I’ve provided to questions from persons seeking free legal advice.

As a criminal defense lawyer I’ve achieved a top rating on AVVO and I intend to continue to provide stellar legal advice and excellent legal representation to my current and future clients.

If you need to discuss a legal matter with an experienced trial lawyer in Houston, call my office as soon as possible at 713-969-5007.

Case Results

State v. ZC - Dismissed
State v. ST - Dismissed
State v. PVN - Dismissed
State v. DC - Dismissed
State v. JM - Dismissed
State v. DF - Dismissed
State v. GL - Probation for Agg Robb
State v. R.A. - Dismissed
State v. R.A. - Dismissed
State v. KL - Dismissed
State v. ZC - Dismissed
State v. JS - Dismissed/Reduced
State v. EP - Reduced then dismissed
State v. PV - Dismissed
State v. AA - Dismissed
State v. JS - Dismissed
State v. CC - Dismissed
State v. EB - Dismissed
State v. AR - Dismissed
State v. CJ - Dismissed
State v. CB - Dismissed
State v. RN - Misd. Reduction
State v. FG - Reduced to Misd. Deferred
State v. OA - Dismissed
State v. AG - Dismissed
State v. MM - Not Guilty
State v. SC - Dismissed
State v. JG - Dismissed
State v. PA - Dismissed and Deferred
State v. DB - Dismissed on trial date.
State v. OH - 12.44(b) time served.
State v. KF - Dismissed
State v. EB - Dismissed
State v. JL - Dismissed on trial date.
State v. AC - Dismissed
State v. DK - Misdemeanor Time Served
State v. WH - Dismissed
State v. DC - Motion To Revoke Probation Dismissed
State v. RL - All three cases were dismissed on trial date
State v. ML - Dismissed
State v. MM - Dismissed on trial date.
State v. Cecil Sisk - Dismissed
State v. OF - Motion to Suppress Granted, Mistrial
State v. DB - Dismissed
State v. EF - Client Found Incompetent, case dismissed.
State v. KF - Dismissed
State v. IC - Not Guilty
State v. EB - Dismissed
State v. LH - Dismissed
State v. JL - Dismissed; Indictment quashed
State v. KS - Reduced from 15 years to 90 days in county.
State v. WH - Dismissed
State v. JJ - Dismissed
State v. RR - Dismissed
State v. DS - Dismissed
State v. DK - Misd. Reduction
State v. MG - Not Guilty
State v. MM - Not Guilty
State v. SA - Dismissed

My Focus: Criminal Trials

Law Practice Overview

Criminal Law

From incarceration to a criminal background that will follow you for life, there are several consequences of being convicted of a criminal offense and having a misdemeanor, felony, or federal charge on your record. Attorney Paul Morgan understands this and seeks to serve his clients.

One of the main consequences is the economic impact of having a criminal record in addition to a few societal penalties such as not being allowed to lease residency space in some communities. Such a societal penalty could affect the quality of where you live and have an impact on which schools you can send your children to. Although it can be stressful, fighting criminal charges is worth it in the short-term and in the long-run.

Attorney Paul Morgan will labor zealously to get a positive outcome for you and has a history getting charges dropped in some cases, and greatly reduced in others. To schedule your free, initial consultation, contact Houston criminal defense attorney Paul Matthew Morgan today by calling 713-969-5007.

A Strong Legal Defense is Imperative

My office defends individuals accused of both felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses in and around Houston and Harris County, TX. Whether you’re looking for a Houston criminal defense lawyer for a Harris County case, or if you need help in the surrounding counties of Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Waller County, Liberty County, Chambers County, Brazoria County or Galveston County, you can rely on me as your attorney. I’ll provide you with the excellent legal counsel you’ll need if there’s a chance for you to avoid jail and a criminal conviction.

I take on all sorts of criminal cases for my clients. If you’re facing prosecution related to drugs, a sex crime, assault, or theft, my office will help you. I have a wealth of experience spurring case dismissals and fighting for my clients in jury trials. I’ll work with you to find the best strategy for your particular situation. I provide 100% free consultations in addition to flexible payment terms when the situation demands it.

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